On February 26th, I flew from Heathrow to Incheon. Here is a very quick description of my journey.

February 24th was my last full day in England. I went to the Harry Potter studio tour, Nandos, got my currency, hung out with friends, and discovered just how expensive London is!

So on Monday 23rd February, it was finally time to leave Nottingham.

Happy Mother’s Day to my wonderful mother! I hope you have a lovely Sunday. Sending lots of love from Seoul to the UK.

I went to see Phoenix Nights Live last Saturday. It was the opening night where, sadly, Ted Robbins collapsed on stage. Thankfully, it is reported that he is recovering well.

With only 4 weeks to go until I fly to Korea, I have started a serious packing list. Have I missed anything? I hate packing… Love travelling! But hate packing.

I have been firmly back on the wagon for 10 whole days now, hurrah! Take a look at some of the delicious “fit” food I’ve been eating. Nom nom.

I’ve been trying to rearrange my site, but it’s difficult with no knowledge of web design. Please bear with me!

Having a desk job can be quite dull at times, so little things make the day better.

Guess who got their visa for Korea… I DID! 6 weeks from now I should be winging my way to Seoul. This was my second E2 visa application and this time seemed more difficult, and was more expensive, but I’m happy to finally have it sorted. Now I can relax, whilst also stressing that I […]

It’s only 14th January, and I’ve already fallen off the wagon!

Tonight I went to a preview of a movie called Whiplash. I had never heard of it, and probably wouldn’t have gone if it wasn’t free, but it was actually a really good movie! I would even say it’s worth paying actual money to see it! The movie is basically about an aspiring jazz drummer, […]

I had so much fun for my birthday. I felt like a pop star! But didn’t sound much like one… Take a look at what we got up to, and see some real life pictures! Luckily for you there is no audio!